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What you pay TAS (core API fees)

Note: Currently all of the charges outlined in this section are capped at a maximum of USD $100 per calendar (UTC) month.

We (Aotal) charge you, the developer:

  • USD $0.001 (one tenth of a cent) for each core-in or core-out API call
  • USD $1 per active user per month
  • USD $0.10 per active candidate per month

A user or candidate is considered active in a month if, at least once in that calendar (UTC) month:

  • that person signs in to your app using TAS SSO; or
  • another app obtains a token from TAS to make an on-behalf API call for that person against your app
  • TAS may change its fees from time to time by posting the new fees on the TAS Website and is not required to give you any other notice.

What you pay (Tenant API fees)

Your app may communicate via tenant APIs with another app in TAS, and as a result the developer of that app may choose to charge you (and/or you may choose to charge that developer) based on tenant API traffic volumes or some other mechanism. Any such fees between developers are agreed independently of these terms.